The EmNets Lab at Zhejiang University focuses on issues in the area of IoT (Internet of Things) systems and networks. Distributed systems based on embedded platform allow for an instrumentation of the physical world at an unprecedented scale and density, thus enabling a new generation of monitoring and control applications. The current research interests of EmNets span a wide spectrum into IoT systems and networks, edge computing, low-power wireless networking, intelligent sensing and mobile computing. The EmNets group is headed by Prof. Wei Dong.



A remote IoT development and experiment platform


A tiny edge platform for IoT applications


Simulation for end-to-end IoT applications


An approach to rapidly developing IoT applications

Low-power wireless

In-depth study into low-power wireless technologies for IoT

Intelligent sensing

Innovative applications and intelligent sensing techniques


Air quality monitoring using mobile sensing


A large-scale sensor network

SenSpire OS

A micro operating system

Recent Publications

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SateLoc: a Virtual Fingerprinting Approach to Outdoor LoRa Localization using Satelite Images. Proc. of ACM/IEEE IPSN 2020. (Apr 2020).

Bound-based Network Tomography for Inferring Interesting Link Metrics. Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM 2020. (Apr 2020).

Accurate and Robust Rogue Access Point Detection with Client-Agnostic Wireless Fingerprinting. Proc. of IEEE PerCom 2020. (Mar 2020).

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